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Painting: Toucan-barbetBotanical Art and Wildlife Art
New MasdevalliaLatest Plant Discoveries
Lepanthes sp. nov.Botanical Articles
Pastaza valley  study area Online Book: Biogeography of the Pastaza Watershed of Eastern Ecuador
Agalychnis callidryasOnline Book: Rainforests and Cloud Forests
Teagueia alyssanaOnline Book: Monograph of the Genus Teagueia (Orchidaceae)

Conservation of Ecuador's forests

Azure-rumped TanagerBird Articles
PCQ density formula for nonuniform forests Mathematical Biology Articles
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I want to express my sincerest gratitude to my family, who have always been supportive, and to Dr. Carl Luer for his help and guidance in my orchid studies. Special thanks to John and Ruth Moore for their generous financial support since the beginning via donations to the Population Biology Foundation, and to the San Diego County Orchid Society and Oregon Orchid Society for their support. Thanks to Malli Rao for generously supporting orchid conservation in my area, and to Steve Beckendorf and Cindy Hill for a very generous grant to support my conservation research.  Thanks also to the Orchid Resource Center, the Center for International Studies-Andean Study Programs, Kent and Cherise Udell, R. Bozek and Alyssa Roberts. The discoveries reported here are theirs as well as mine.